Paylines in slots: what they are and how they work

The paylines of the slot machines are, to be honest, the main part of these fantastic games. After all, it is because of their appearance that players venture into ever faster and tighter spins.

So let’s see what they really are, and how they work differently based on the type of slot they are applied to.

What are slot machine paylines

Let’s start with a technical definition of paylines: paylines are nothing more than virtual sequences that take into account the position of symbols when they stop on the reels. If the combination of these symbols is successful according to the rules of the slot machine you are playing, then the payout line is activated, leading to the winning of a prize. This prize is obviously to be understood as net: in fact, the taxation for online slots is always carried out at the source and therefore is the responsibility of the operator.

To clarify the concept even better, let’s take a practical example: let’s suppose we have a classic 5 reel slot machine, with each of these showing 3 symbols at a time.

When the spin is over we will find 15 total symbols on the screen, and the winning combinations generated by these symbols will be activated by the pay lines: regarding the rules and settings of each online slot, we could have horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or maybe set in a lanfordequipment. Everything is decided based on the number of active paylines for that particular game.

 The different types of paylines that we can find in slots

The functioning of the paylines varies a lot depending on the slot we are facing. Each game has a corresponding rule, which affects the status of the payout lines, thus also varying the probability of awarding a prize at each spin.

There are two main types of slots that differ according to the pay lines: Single line and multi line.

Single payline slot

In this type of game, as the name suggests, there will be only one line that activates the prize. So it is basically just one chance to hit a winning spin, and often the line to check will be the central horizontal one. The advantage of this type of slot, set up with this single payline is the simplicity of use, because it will allow us not to have too many distractions on the reels and to always understand precisely how much we have won and how. In addition, this type of payline usually preludes to slot machines that give out small but fairly frequent winnings.

They are extremely simple games, suitable for spending a few minutes of relaxation doing something that does not over-engage the mind.

Mute-line slot

These are the most common slots nowadays. There  are several types of these slots, all with a variable number of paylines. Some may have up to 40 or 50 different lines that trigger the rewards, which only increases the player’s interest.

Having all these paylines also allows you to offer the player new possibilities to directly influence the progress of the game: in fact, the possibility is often left to activate or deactivate the various paylines, thus providing the player with the possibility of applying a strategic choice. based on the time of the game or your bankroll.

The paylines of multi-line slots are normally visible on the sides of the game reels, and with a quick glance you can understand if these are active or not, and often passing over them with the mouse the winning line is also highlighted on the reels themselves.

Clearly the fact of having numerous lines could lead to some initial bewilderment, because sometimes you will witness a winning spin without really understanding which combination has activated the payout line and the relative prize.

But with patience and practice you will be able to tame even the most complex slots from this point of view. After all, having more paylines only increases the pathos and emotion at each spin , and furthermore these are the slots with more accentuated colors and sounds, precisely because of the continuous movement they give off with each shot.

They are spectacular games, where it is reasonable to expect something to happen at each spin, suitable for experiencing strong emotions. All the major slots of the moment, such as Starburst , or Book of Ra Deluxe or Book of Oz (which we see above) adopt the multi-payline system, and if you want to try them all you have to do is look for them among the Digital game offer, where you can play the best slot machines with multiple paylines available in the online casino landscape.